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Are You Smarter Than You Think?
Over 150 tests to help you discover and exploit your natural intelligence
(Stock Code : 37166)
Claire Gordon

Paperback, 192pp. Carroll & Brown, 2003.
Condition Notes - New

Now for the first time, you can obtain a true picture of your innate abilities that is more than just your IQ. This comprehensive and wide-ranging collection of tests will help you discover your true capacity for interacting intelligently with the world.

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Dante's Path
A Practical Approach to Achieving Inner Wisdom
(Stock Code : 28455)
Boony Gulino Schaub & Richard Schaub

Hardback, 216pp. Gotham Books, 2003.
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Two pioneers in holistic psychology reveal a rejuvenating approach to emotional healing and spiritual discovery, using Dante's Divine Comedy as a metaphor of personal transformation.

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Healing The Wounded God
Finding Your Personal Guide on the Way to Individuation and Beyond
(Stock Code : 36692)
Jeffrey Raff & Linda Bonnington Vocatura

Paperback, 238pp. Nicolas Hays, 2002.
Condition Notes - New

Using a Jungian approach, the authors explore a being that many people are experiencing through dreams, meditations or visions and draws upon Sufism and alchemy to help explain this 'ally'. Learn how to contact this being and to consciously form a relationship.

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Mind Power
Rejuvenate Your Brain and Memory Naturally
(Stock Code : 29548)
Gary Null

Hardback, 326pp. New American Library, 2005.
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Use these easy-to-follow cerebral challenges to exercise the brain and support them with brain nutrition. Learn about the foods, toxins and other factors that contribute to brain weakness plus how to reverse the effects of specific conditions like headaches.

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The Mindful Leader
Ten Principles for Bringing Out the Best in Ourselves and Others
(Stock Code : 81388)
Michael Carroll

Hardback, 238pp. Trumpeter, 2007.
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Learn the technique for living in the present moment. Mindfulness can help you gain clarity, reduce stress and optimize performance. Learn to heal the workplace, cultivate courage and confidence within workplace difficulties and how to lead with wisdom.

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The Personality Profiler
Maximise Your Advantages - Minimise Your Disadvantages!
(Stock Code : 28480)
Claire Gordon

Paperback, 160pp. Carroll & Brown, 2005.
Condition Notes - New

This smart-looking volume contains dozens of proven ways to assess your character and see if you have what it takes to succeed in business and/or relationships. An interesting guide to the world of personality testing!

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