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Hypnosis Workshops for 2019:

Hypnotic World - Hypnotherapy Practical Workshop Day
Saturday November 2nd, Holiday Inn (Central Park), 888 Oldham Road, Manchester, Manchester, M40 2BS.

Hypnotic World - Age and Past Life Regression Training Workshop
Saturday November 30th, University of Surrey, Teaching Block 6, Guildford, Surrey, GU2 7XH


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Helping fellow Hypnotherapists.

We have some different language Scripts on the site that don't have properly translated descriptions - Google Translator is pretty good but lacks that Human touch.

If you would like to submit a short description of a script in your native language to help others to understand what they are about, then please send us the files in your native language (and in English, if possible) so that we can add them to the site.

Or, maybe you would like to translate a script for us. If so then please contact us.

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