World Hypnosis LLP - Guarantee

While looking around at other websites offering hypnosis MP3s and CDs I noticed that a guarantee was not often included in the offer. (Apart from our own sister sites,,, and a few others).

The reason for this is probably that having already downloaded your recording you are not in a position to request a refund for something you already have received (as it's not something that you can return as defective).

We are sure that you will enjoy all our recordings; they are very powerful, effective and enjoyable and we continue to receive so much wonderful feedback.

If you consider that our recordings are inferior in any way then we will immediately investigate any complaint and if we find there is a fault then I personally guarantee to have it re-recorded or re-edited and to send you the new link.

We cannot guarantee that every recording will work for every person because this is impossible; any Hypnotherapist, (if they are honest) will tell you that hypnosis doesn't work for everyone. In most cases it is extremely effective - but even after practicing this wonderful therapy since the mid-1990's and having seen thousands of clients - I still have failures now and again.  (If they would only tell me at the time then I'm pretty sure there would be far less of them).

We do, however, guarantee our very best service. If you purchase our MP3s through World Hypnosis then many of them are fully automated so you will receive a link almost immediately.  If your order is not instantly available then we will email you to let you know.

If you don't receive any acknowledgement at all then please check your spam folder in case our email was directed there.

Alternatively you can Contact Us and we will investigate and send your download link as soon as possible.

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