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This guide is only suitable for qualified Hypnotherapists - Help your obese clients to lose weight with this Hypnotic World Gastric Mind Band Manual

This Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Manual is aimed at Hypnotherapists who wish to expand their practice by helping clients to lose excess weight without the necessity of undergoing physical gastric band surgery.

The success stories of having a hypnotic gastric band have been well documented in the news recently with a reported success rate of up to 80 per cent, which is higher than actually having the surgical procedure (which only works for approximately 70 per cent of people).

Guide Contents

This Gastric Band hypnosis manual talks you through how to go about giving your clients a hypnotic gastric band, including:

  • Client suitability
  • Goal setting
  • Setting the scene (how to help your clients to believe that they are actually in a hospital environment whilst the Hypnotic Gastric Band process is carried out - enhancing the experience for them)
  • Scripts for use before, during and after the Gastric Band Hypnosis Session
  • After treatment - Tweaking the Band
  • Suggested meal plan to give to your clients after their "mind-surgery"
  • Client's personal food diary chart

This programme is based upon 4-5 treatment sessions which can be taken on consecutive days, over a couple of weeks or longer if the patient wishes - and a consultation approx 8 weeks after completion of the main therapy to find if the rate of weight loss being achieved is in line with expectations and possibly 'adjust' their gastric band.

As your clients lose weight you may like to adjust their bands so that weight loss slows down and they don't enter the underweight category (a script for this process is included in the guide).

Each session should aim to last approx 1-2 hours.

Similar courses on this subject are charging £2,800.00 - The Hypnotic World Gastric Band Hypnotherapy Manual covers all that you are likely to need to know in order to successfully help your gastric band weight loss clients to gain control over their eating and achieve the weight that they desire for £55.

Research indicates that therapists are currently charging £750 per client for Gastric Band hypnosis so even with the 5 recommended sessions you will recoup your investment after the first session.

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