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Hypnosis for Stopping Smoking

Probably the most popular issue that people see a Hypnotherapist for is to help them to stop smoking. Almost everyone has heard of somebody who successfully quit smoking with hypnosis, therefore when they themselves are ready to stop smoking they often ask others who have used this method and stopped.

The number of sessions required varies from therapist to therapist and client to client. My own preference is to assure enquirers that hypnosis can work in one session as indeed if often does, however, should they feel they need another session then to contact me again for another appointment.

I remember years ago, speaking to a lady who was seeing a Hypnotherapist who was taking her through 6 sessions of hypnotherapy. This isn't uncommon, by the way, however after her 6th session she was no nearer to quitting than she was before she went to see him and had wasted hundreds of pounds into the bargain (sorry, what bargain?).

If you are truly ready to stop then one or two sessions should do the trick. If they don't then you should ask yourself if you really do want to stop or was there something missing between you and your therapist? If you didn't feel comfortable with who you saw or didn't trust or have total confidence in them, then this could explain why it didn't work, which is why it important to phone around and talk to your prospective Hypnotherapist and if possible, arrange a free initial consultation.

The way that hypnosis can help you to stop smoking is usually by implanting suggestions into your subconscious mind whilst you are in a trance. When you are in a trance you won't be like a zombie, instead you will be very nicely and comfortably relaxed and your mind will be 'primed' to accept suggestions that are beneficial for you. You are free to reject any suggestions that you find morally wrong or that you don't consciously want and you will be able to come out of trance at any time you wish, however, most people have no desire to leave the state as it is so comfortable.

When you first started smoking it probably didn't come easy. I guess you felt pretty awkward about it at first and it was a conscious habit that gradually took a hold of you. Maybe you used to tell yourself that you could stop smoking whenever you wanted to and that you certainly weren't addicted.

But the longer you smoked the more difficult it was to say no to cigarettes until you were smoking when you didn't even want one, when your throat was hurting or when it tasted foul.

Stopping smoking with hypnosis is the reverse of that process. Once you have stopped you will find that the longer you go without a cigarette the easier it will be to continue as a non-smoker. There may be odd times when you still think about smoking but you will be thinking of it in a different way - and a thought of a cigarette is not a craving - it is simply a thought.

After a short while you will find that your food tastes different, you can breathe easier, you smell fresher and your mind becomes more lucid and clear. Even your circulation can improve and you have more confidence in yourself because you know that you are in control, instead of being controlled by an addiction.

World Hypnosis has a number of excellent MP3 recordings that can help if you want to stop smoking.


Smoking Association

Congratulations on your decision to quit smoking.

As I am sure you are already aware, smoking is a powerful addiction, however did you know that it is mainly a psychological addiction and that associations with certain activities can trigger this off.

For example, many people associate having a cigarette straight after a meal, with a drink, whilst talking on the telephone, after making love, whilst driving, etc.

This hypnosis download will help you to break all those associations with smoking so that you will be free from the addiction to cigarettes once and for all.


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